Choosing the right path

Adele was very lost having left school with no idea about what she should do in the future. She had tried a number of avenues but each time had stopped them because she felt they were either boring, or too restrictive. Adele could have been viewed as a rebel. We started from the beginning and Adele did a number of psychometric tests such as MBTi, Morrisby and Values so that we could really see how she ticked. We soon built up a picture of what type of Environment suited her. It was important that Adele took charge of her own destiny and through the coaching began to understand more and more about herself.

Adele is now studying Jewellery at University and is able to apply her creative energies into something where her personality can really shine.

Adele Walker

Pamela helped me know myself much more – she was easy to talk to and doing all the tests made me think of things like the Jewellery work which tapped into the aesthetic and artistic side of my nature.