I was recently inspired by Dan Harmer from Interserve who talked on Radio 4 last week about his company building the new emergency Nightingale Hospital at the NEC Birmingham during this lockdown Covid 19 virus pandemic.

What Dan said was that it has been an amazing effort from a large number of different people, suppliers and the like coming together for one clear purpose. I can really connect with that. In the past when I have asked managers about what is the best team they have ever been in; they often come back and talk about ones that have been in critical circumstances. Perhaps when they were deployed in the forces, army or emergency project in their company forced them into a special task force.

So what makes these teams a success? Certainly having a crystal clear vision, joined up thinking, and strong supervision with everyone knowing their job is really important. The urgency of the task at hand – often in short time frames also makes commitment stronger. The fun of meeting and working with people who you don’t normally work with from different companies or countries can inspire you.

But the major thing that makes these teams a pleasure to be in, despite the challenging and difficult circumstances, is that the people in them really believe they are making a difference. This Covid 19 logistical task force really proved that. What is more important than saving lives?

Well done Dan and his team I say…