Priority Setting

Claire was a busy woman with a lot on her plate. She had been running a successful Women in Business Networking Group for sometime as well as holding down her real job as a Financial Consultant. She requested some help to figure out where her priorities should lie.

We worked through all the things that Claire had going on by way of a Mind Map. We then explored where she wanted to be spending her energy and time and where she saw her future to be. We looked at her own financial situation and agreed a way forward for her to get what revenue she needed without so much hassle. As a result Claire decided to sell on her Women in Business Franchise and move to a different role so that she could be nearer to her husband who worked away in the Army.

Claire Marshall

I am glad I had Pamela to coach me – she helped me see that my family was the most important and that giving up Women in Business would not be letting everyone down – she is very practical and easy to talk to.