Workload Management

Elizabeth* had a busy job working in the NHS. She was a manager responsible for a major service. Like many people she struggled with the demand on her time and often found herself working very long days and weekends – always running to catch up – fire fighting and unable to satisfy her customer demands.

Elizabeth and I spent time together talking about her role and demands on her time. I was able to help her think about the type of work she was doing and how to use her time more effectively. As a result she was able to free up some time for more strategic thinking and planning. She gained a stronger influence over the hospital resources and began to change how they could run the service better.

*Elizabeth – name changed for confidentiality reasons.


Talking to Pamela really helped me see the wood for the trees. She made me realise how bogged down I had become with the day to day grind and how I might get more control out of the resources at my disposal.