Inspirational Women –

This month I have been inspired by two women. Firstly,  Mrs Phyllis Self who worked as Director and HR Manager at the family’s Whitehall Garden Centre Business in Lacock, Wiltshire until she recently passed away at the ripe old age of 105.  A character much loved and respected, Mrs Self MBE, won the  “UK’s oldest Boss award”.  When asked what she enjoyed about work, she said “She was interested in people; that’s one of the reasons she didn’t want to retire, as she enjoyed working too much” . She was often seen walking around the site chatting to everyone – a natural and early adopter of MBWA – Management by Walking Around.

I got my second inspiration last week when  on a Yoga retreat on the Greek Island of Amorgos. One day we visited the St. George Valsamitis Monastery and met with Mother Erini, who is now in her retirement. But not one to sit back, she has been spending the last three years organising the restoration of the  Monastery and is now working on the garden. She entertained us for lunch and we were all struck by her straight forward faith, and clear view of social media. She puts it like this..” In the past people had their faces turned to each other…nowadays…there are these glass screens which assist them with information in their search for “pseudo friends” in a “pseudo world”, whereas what they really wish for and need is to look into the faces of fellow persons”.       

What cheers me about these two women, is that they both valued spending time with people and building communities. Something we can neglect as managers, or friends or even parents.

Why not make this Autumn a time when you meet people face to face or pick up the phone for a change instead of emailing or texting?

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