How many jobs do you have? 

Nowadays, we all know that the 21st century job market  is a different place. Back in the 80s, I used to tell my new recruits at Hewlett Packard that there they had a  ‘job for life’, but that’s no longer the case in IT, or indeed most other trades and professions. Now we talk about job flexibility, variety, multi-tasking and multi-skilling, transferrable skills, job transitioning, job sharing and multiple careers. And there’s much less job security than we might have once had.  Jobs are seen more now as short-term roles or assignments sometimes part time – bought about by the requirement for companies to enlarge or reduce their workforce as their business requirements demand or decrease.

Many people have little option.  In logistics for example, a large percentage of that workforce is likely to be on zero hours contracts, which can mean one week they work full time the next perhaps just a few hours.  This can be challenging, but on the other hand it might suit someone with commitments to young children or elderly parents, a hobby, or a second job.  A friend of mine has recently given up a permanent role at a high street bank to work as a part time consultant investigating financial mis-selling.  The flexible hours suit her better at her time of life and has the added benefit that she isn’t as tied into the Corporate politics too. Some people need two jobs to pay the bills of course.  Day shift in the office and Night Shift in the Pub!

We certainly need to think more widely and laterally about the world of work, paid and unpaid.

The more I look around me the more I see my clients, neighbours and ex work colleagues doing multiple roles.  And for youngsters, including my own children now in their twenties, the so-called “Generation Y”, the idea of being locked into an organisation for life makes them want to jump onto the next plane and get as far away as possible from the corporate handcuffs.

Today it’s all about “portfolio careers” – a succession, or even a combination, of different jobs. Jobs are more about gaining experiences with lateral and varied progression rather than going up the ladder.

Add volunteering into the mix, and there’s all sorts of options: Dentist and part time school governor; Coach and volunteer nature warden; Shop assistant and carer for a mother with dementia. House husband and part time electrician. Worker priest and part time stay at home mum. Business Coach and Garden Designer even!  Not forgetting our seasonal workers Summer in the Sun and Winter in the Snow.

Wouldn’t it be fun to find out what job/role combinations are out there?

If you or someone you know is doing several jobs or roles at the same time or varying what they do throughout the year, why not get in touch and complete our mini survey and lets see how people are using their skills in 2016.