Two days ago I attended a training day with The Insights Group to learn about their new tool called Deeper Discovery. I have been using their Insight Colour profiling for over three years now with Marks & Spencer and am very familiar with their four preference colours, Cool Blue, Fiery Red, Earth Green & Sunshine Yellow and how they play out on both a good and bad day. However this new Deeper Discovery uses  72 archetypes representing ways of behaving, images or symbols that are universally recognisable. My top 10 not surprisingly were Teacher, Gourmet, Mentor, Advocate, Engineer, Architect, Philanthropist, Knight, Artist and Mother.  I mostly as Jung describes prefer to use my Introverted  Feeling and Thinking with Extroverted Sensing and occasionally some Extroverted Intuition.  If you are interested in learning more about your Insight Colours and how they can help you get to know yourself more and therefore work better with others do get in touch.