Richard had recently been made redundant and was increasingly getting lost and disillusioned at searching for a new job.

We spent time exploring the type of role that Richard was looking for and how he was currently going about it. We made sure that the areas and approach he was taking was right for him. We undertook psychometric testing using MBTI, looked again at his skillset and values. As a result Richard gained clearer insight into himself and the motivation to secure a new role in a relatively quick time.

Richard Hancock

I worked with PRA Consulting during my time of searching further opportunities after being employed at HP. As the Managing Director was an ex HP employee, this really helped me reference different stages of my HP career and gain understanding from Pam. I found PRA consulting to be very effective in getting my career back on track, as I really was not sure of my direction. I had a few ideas but all was a bit confusing. By sitting down, exploring my skills, interests and previous roles at HP it became more obvious as to the sorts of jobs / roles I should be applying for. All became clearer after just a few sessions. Thank you!