For most of my 30-year career I have worked in Human Resources, beginning as a secretary/PA and, at one time, managing a Workplace Services team, so I can speak from first-hand experience about the implementation of HR programmes within a business context.

Like many of us, I got into HR via the specialist route — in my case training and development — and became a generalist, before moving on to leadership development, internal consulting and finally HR management. Latterly, as a European HR director for a global IT company, I was heavily involved in the large-scale company reorganisation business, re-engineering, organisational effectiveness, remote team management and dealing with the staffing implications of substantial business mergers. This last included significant company downsizing and redundancy programmes.

More recently, as an independent consultant, I have become aware just how closely the HR strategies and issues that affect “big players” translate down to even the smallest of companies. All of this experience has led me to the same conclusions about the role of HR in helping business succeed.

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