homeofficeOur support for Individuals usually takes the form of coaching. There are many times in life when we need someone to help us along. The type of coaching we offer is suitable for anyone from a Senior Executive to a School Leaver. We act as a sounding board and help you work through your issues in a very pragmatic and practical way.

We specialise in career coaching, work/life balance, interview support, workplace stress or employee/manager conflict, personal effectiveness, selling yourself, pre & post redundancy support, Second Careers or finding a New Direction.

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Career Development

Making sure you constantly review your career and where your job move might be is vitally important in the present business climate. Looking back at what decisions you took to get you were you are or where you want to be can be hard on your own. Why not get a helping hand. We have helped a lot of people do this and many have gone on to better and sometimes different career paths.  See our Individual Coaching Cases

Coaching – Management & Executive

Coaching is a tool to help individuals and management understand their current strengths and weaknesses. We might suggest coaching when group training or organisation change may not be sufficient or to complement a training programme. Coaching can be as short or as long as is appropriate beginning by identifying coaching objectives and includes a monitoring process and evaluation to ensure that the maximum is gained from the coaching experience. Sometimes coaching can take the form of an internal mentoring scheme where support is provided by others within the organisation rather than carried out by an external coaching expert. If you are interested in being coached or putting in place a coaching programme then do get in touch with us.

Second Career

Are you stuck in a rut?  Are you fed up with your job?  Do you need someone to talk with?  If so give us a call to discuss how we might be able to help you figure out what is important to you as you move on in your career.

Conflict with your boss

You don’t have to suffer in silence of you feel your values and those of your boss or company are no longer aligned. It might be time to take action to change jobs or re-evaluate where you are and what is making you unhappy in work. All discussions are strictly confidential.

Worklife balance

Making sure you are being efficient is hard these days with so many demands on our time. Are you spending time on the right things? Is the balance between work and personal life correct? Are you paying enough attention to your family or are you too tired to be effective at your job being spread so thin. If any of these chime with you why not give us a call to see if we can help.